Sunday Service at 10:30 AM • 5037 Monroe Road Charlotte, NC 28205


Q: Will masks be required?
A: We are asking attendees to wear “masks on the move” as they are traveling throughout the building or in a space where social distancing is not possible. Upon finding your seat in the main hall, participants may remove their masks.



Q: Is a temperature check required for entrance?
A: No, temperature checks will only be conducted on children, parents, and volunteers involved in OBC Kids.



Q: Will we be singing?
A: Yes, we will sing in obedience to scripture.



Q: Will there be social distancing?
A: Yes, we are requiring social distancing in all spaces where it is possible.



Q: Where can I participate in the service?
A: Our main hall capacity will be limited based upon seating arrangement. In the event that all available seats are taken in the main hall, we will have overflow seating in the downstairs fellowship hall to view the livestream.



Q: Will restrooms be open?
A: Yes, restrooms will be open but only available for one individual/household at a time.



Q: How long will the service be?
A: Each service should be ~1 hour in length.



Q: Once the service ends, where do I go?
A: To help maintain social distancing, we will have ushers dismissing the service one section at a time. We ask all attendees to make an effort to move outdoors as soon as possible to utilize our designated outdoor gathering space (marked off parking lot area next to the playground)



Q: Will there be children’s ministry?
A: Yes, we plan to offer Children’s ministry for ages 10 months to 5 years old, pending volunteer availability.



Q: What if it’s raining?
A: Even if it is raining, we will remain committed to directing people outside as soon as service ends to ensure fellowship happens in a space with minimum risk. Please be sure to bring your umbrella and/or rain gear so you do not get wet.





Please email us at or call the church office for more details.