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Equipping Hour is another opportunity to learn from God’s Word and be equipped for everyday Christian life. Our Equipping Classes run on a semester schedule during the Fall & Spring. We will resume our Fall classes on September 8th, 2019.

Adult Equipping Classes THIS SEMESTER


I. Old Testament Overview (Part II) – Room 205 of the Adult Education Wing : Why is the Old Testament important? How do we understand it? How do we understand challenging Old Testament events and apply them to our lives? The Old Testament Overview class seeks to answer many of these questions! Join us as we consider how the Old Testament plays a pivotal role in God’s masterplan of redemption through Jesus! This semester, we will resume our study picking up in Song of Solomon and journey all the way to Malachi.


Sept 8 OT 1 Ecclesiastes & Song of Solomon
Sept 15 OT 2 1st & 2nd Kings
Sept 22 OT 3 Isaiah
Sept 29 OT 4 Hosea & Joel
Oct 6 OT 5 Amos & Obadiah
Oct 13 OT 6 Jonah & Micah
Oct 20 OT 7 Nahum, Habakkuk, & Zephaniah
Oct 27 OT 8 Jeremiah & Lamentations
Nov 3 OT 9 Ezekiel
Nov 10 OT 10 Daniel
Nov 17 OT 11 1st & 2nd Chronicles
Nov 24 OT 12 Ezra, Nehemiah, & Esther
Dec 1 OT 13 Haggai, Zechariah, & Malachi
Dec 8 OT 14 OT Overview



II. Singleness & Marriage – Room 207 of the Adult Education Wing: In 1 Corinthians 14, the Apostle Paul exhorts the church in Corinth to “strive to excel” in building up the church. In order to be those that excel in building up the vehicle that God will use to show Himself to the watching world, we must be those that understand how to properly live in community with one another. Over the next 13 weeks we will examine  how we are to live as a local church in helping one another live obediently to Jesus in the season of life He has placed us in – whether married or single. Join us as we learn how to grow in being a church that displays the gospel and brings glory to God!


Sept 8 S&M 1 Singleness & Identity
Sept 15 S&M 2 The Gift & Freedom of Singleness
Sept 22 S&M 3 Singleness & Relationships
Sept 29 S&M 4 Contentment in Christ
Oct 6 S&M 5 Is God at the Center of Your Marriage?
Oct 13 S&M 6 Biblical Theology of Marriage Pt 1
Oct 20 S&C 7 Biblical Theology of Marriage: Pt 2
Oct 27 S&C 8 Biblical Theology of Marriage: Pt 3
Nov 3 S&C 9 1 Peter 3: Hope, Fear, Understanding & Weakness
Nov 10 S&C 10 Unpacking Forgiveness
Nov 17 S&C 11 Biblical Sexuality
Nov 24 S&C 12 The Blessing of Children & Dealing with Infertility
Dec 1 S&C 13 Marriage & Money
Dec 8 S&C 14 Divorce: Dealing with Broken Covenants


Student Ministry & Children’s Sunday School

Student Ministry – The Gospel Project Study: We’re continuing our Student Ministry Sunday School class, for 5th – 12th grade students. This semester we will be going through the first volume of The Gospel Project for students. Students will cover all of Genesis by studying Creation, the Fall, and God’s plan of redemption through keeping His promises. Along with this study, the students will have a book that provides devotions for the week that will prepare them for the upcoming lesson.

Children’s Sunday School – Check in on the first floor of the Education Building: These classes will be offered at three age levels: Preschool (3yrs-K), Early Elementary (1st-2nd grade), and Upper Elementary (3rd-4th grade) all using an age-appropriate version of New Growth Press’ Gospel Story Curriculum. The focus is “Finding Jesus in the Old Testament.” This curriculum dovetails with New Growth’s Long Story Short family devotional. Ask at our book table for a special deal on this resource for the whole family!