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Sunday Mornings at 9:15

Equipping Hour is another opportunity to learn from God’s Word and be equipped for everyday Christian life. Our Equipping Classes run on a semester schedule during the Fall & Spring semesters respectively. Our winter semester Equipping Hour classes are underway and will conclude on April 5th.

Adult Equipping Classes: SPRING semester 2020


I. Parenting – Downstairs Fellowship Hall

What is God’s purpose for the family? Does he have anything to say about the way we parent? Is there direction and hope for those who are in the trenches? Join us for this 12 week series as we explore God’s purposes for the family and how He calls parents to raise their children in the fear and instruction of Christ.

II. Systematic Theology (Part I) – Room 207 of the Education Building: 

“Teach what accords with sound doctrine…” was Paul’s command to Titus as he established churches in Crete. For any church to be stable, it’s foundation must be sound – including our own! Join us for part 1 of this two-part series that will lay a solid foundation for the faith & practice of our church!

III. New Testament Overview (Part I) – Room 205 of the Education Building:

What is the story of the New Testament? How does it all fit together and what is its central message? Join us for part 1 of this two-part series that will unpack the story of Jesus and the kingdom he came to establish!



Jan 12 1 God’s Purpose for the Family Introduction & Doctrine of          the Word (P1)
The Covenant King
Jan 19 2 The Ministry of the Family The Doctrine of the Word (P2)
Jan 26 3 Family Worship The Existence/Attributes of God
Gospels & Acts: Intro
Feb 2 4 Getting to the Heart of Behavior The Attributes of God  (P2)
Feb 9 5 Formative Discipline Creation (P1)
Feb 16 6 Obedience 101 Creation (P2) John
Feb 23 7 Corrective Discipline Providence (P1) Luke
Mar 1 8 Gender in the Home (P1) Providence (P2)
Mar 8 9 Gender in the Home (P2) Sin Paul: Introduction
Mar 15 10 The Teen Years The Person of Christ (P1)
Mar 22 11 Panel Discussion The Person of Christ (P2)
1 Corinthians
Mar 29 12 Children, Tech, & Social Media The Work of Christ (P1)
2 Corinthians
Apr 5 13 The Gospel & Overzealous Parenting The Work of Christ (P2)

Student Ministry & Children’s Sunday School

Student Ministry – The Gospel Project Study: We’re continuing our Student Ministry Sunday School class, for 5th – 12th grade students. This semester we will be continuing The Gospel Project for students as they journey through the Old Testament to better understand Creation, the Fall, and God’s plan of redemption through keeping His promises. Along with this study, the students will have a book that provides devotions for the week that will prepare them for the upcoming lesson.

Children’s Sunday School – Check in on the first floor of the Education Building: These classes will be offered at three age levels: Preschool (3yrs-K), Early Elementary (1st-2nd grade), and Upper Elementary (3rd-4th grade) all using an age-appropriate version of New Growth Press’ Gospel Story Curriculum. The focus is “Finding Jesus in the Old Testament.” This curriculum dovetails with New Growth’s Long Story Short family devotional. Ask at our book table for a special deal on this resource for the whole family!