Sunday Service at 9:30am • 5037 Monroe Road Charlotte, NC 28205

 Church on the lawn faq’s

As of 05/08/20 at 5:00PM, Governor Cooper issued executive orders permitting all houses of worship to gather outdoors on the condition that social distancing is practiced. OBC therefore plans to resume gathering Sunday, May 10th while adhering to all legal requirements.

Q: Where will the service be held?

A: Church on the Lawn will be held on the back field of the church’s property (next to the parking lot) at 9:30am.


Q: How long will the service be?

A: We plan for the service to be 50 minutes to 1 hour long


Q: Will we sing?

A: Yes, we plan to sing together at a safe social distance. Subscribe to our email list or check the website for our virtual bulletin with song lyrics and order of service. 


Q: What should I expect?

A: Social distance – In accordance with the executive orders from Governor Cooper, all attendees will be required to maintain 6 feet or more of  social distance at all times.

    Reverent Worship – We want to maintain reverence in our worship as we sing, pray, read scripture, and listen to the sermon together!

    Casual Atmosphere- We recognize that the setting will be more casual in nature as we gather outside with chairs, blankets, shade, etc.


Q: What should I think about bringing?

A:   Seating (blanket, lawn chair, yoga mat, etc.)

       Shade (Feel free to bring a hat, umbrella or other forms of shade)

       Stroller (if you’d like to provide contained seating for small children)

       Sunscreen (if you’re prone to sunburn)

       Weather-appropriate clothing (check the forecast before you come!) 

       Water (if you expect needing it)


Q: What should I not bring?

A: Attendees are not permitted to bring pets or any items that would encourage shared contact with other households (frisbees, baseballs, gloves, footballs, etc.) So long as you’re on OBC property, we expect you to adhere to legal requirements at all times.


Q: Am I required to wear a mask?

A: Masks are mandated and we ask ages 11 and up to wear a mask unless you are seated in your place on the lawn. Masks do not have to be worn during the worship service provided that you are in your space.


Q: What about children?

A: We will not offer nursery or children’s ministry for “Church on the Lawn.” Children will be required to remain with their parents at all times. Feel free to bring what you need to make this a more comfortable experience for your family. You are welcome to bring your own snacks, toys, books, strollers, etc.


Q: Where can I park?

A: All regular parking lots will be available. You can also park your car on Eaton street.


Q: Will the church building be open?

A: The church building will be closed.


Q: Will restrooms be available?

A: We encourage all attendees to plan to not use the restroom during the service. However, we will have one restroom available in the event that it is needed. An attendant will be positioned outside the door of the Education Building and will allow one person or household in at a time.


Q: Will the outdoor playground be open?

A: The outdoor playground will remain closed in accordance with government orders.


Q: What if I’m not yet ready to resume gathering in large groups?

A: We want people to make the decision that they feel comfortable with in returning to worship services. In light of this, we plan to provide a livestream of the service as well as a recording of the service to the church website.




Please email us at or call the church office for more details.