Sunday Service at 10:30am • 5037 Monroe Road Charlotte, NC 28205

There will be no Equipping Hour this Sunday.

We are taking a break for the summer, and will resume with our fall semester!


Sunday Mornings at 9:15

Taking place before Sunday Morning Worship, our Equipping Hour is another opportunity to learn from God’s Word and be equipped for everyday Christian life. Our Equipping Classes run on a semester schedule during the fall & spring.

Adult Equipping Classes

God & Money – Room 205: Scripture indicates that few things reveal the heart of man more clearly than money and possessions. Knowing that our thoughts and affections toward money are so important, we will spend the six weeks considering what God’s word says about it. Led by David Keller, this class will help us understand how we can honor God by being good stewards of such an important resource. Join us to learn about how to honor God with your money.

Unity & Diversity – Room 207: Each week, we pray as a church for unity and diversity. Led by Jobey Thomas, this class will be an in depth look into those topics. We will seek to answer questions such as: Where do unity and diversity come from? How can we, Christians in minority and the majority, practically live in unity? And what does it accomplish for God and for the gospel? Our prayer and desire is to see God continue to build a unified and diverse congregation at OBC. Come learn more about how we can grow together in these areas for the glory of God

Adult Equipping Class Schedule

April 15 God’s Purpose for Wealth Diversity? Unity? For God’s Sake!
April 22 Giving How God Builds Unity & Diversity
April 29 The Economics of Today: Spending & Budgeting The Image of God In Our Unity & Diversity
May 6 The Economics of Tomorrow:
Debt & Savings
God’s Purposes for Similarities in the Church
May 13 Developing a Heart That Values Money Rightly Working Through Disunity
May 20 Q&A Counsel for Christians in Both the Majority & Minority Cultures

Student Ministry & Children’s Sunday School

Student Ministry – Abiding In Jesus Study: We’re continuing our Student Ministry Sunday School class, for 5th – 12th grade students. This spring we will be going through a study on how students can abide in Jesus (John 15:4) in their daily lives.

Children’s Sunday School – Check in on the first floor of the Education Building: These classes will be offered at three age levels: Preschool (3yrs-K), Early Elementary (1st-2nd grade), and Upper Elementary (3rd-4th grade) all using an age-appropriate version of New Growth Press’ Gospel Story Curriculum. The focus is “Finding Jesus in the Old Testament.” This curriculum dovetails with New Growth’s Long Story Short family devotional. Ask at our book table for a special deal on this resource for the whole family!