Oakhurst Baptist Church • 5037 Monroe Road • Charlotte, NC • 28205 • Sundays at 10:30AM


Dave Russell

Paul Miedema

Deacon of Member Care

Paul is back in Charlotte, after spending over a decade in Pretoria, South Africa serving on staff with Campus Outreach and as a deacon at Central Baptist Church. Prior to his time in South Africa, Paul earned his BA from UNC Charlotte. Born in Ohio, but Paul spent most of his formative years in Greensboro, NC. He and his wife Haley have three children.


Paul serves our church as our Deacon of Member Care. His role includes coordinating ministry efforts to our homebound members, our benevolence ministry, and other practical needs of our members.


Chad Coleman

Jonathan Ciaramella

Deacon of Children’s Ministry

Jon hails from Queens, NY where he spent years in various ministries at North Shore Baptist Church, from music and children’s ministries to serving as a deacon, and even a stint as the church secretary while working his way through college. A self-proclaimed jack-of-all-trades yet master-of-none (Jon partially credits his BA in Theatre for this non sequitur), by grace he has learned to apply himself contentedly in service to further the gospel which he and his wife, Jackie, cherish and desire to see their three children also embrace in faith.

Jon’s role as Deacon of Children’s Ministry involves coordinating ministry efforts that serve the families and children of our church, which include our Children’s Sunday School classes, the childcare provided during our worship services, and our midweek children’s ministry called the Carpenter’s shop.